First Step

At Lin Financial Services, we make it our priority to get to know you as an individual so we can provide you with the most comprehensive course of action.

In our complimentary introductory meeting, we will discuss your goals, expectations, and each other's responsibilities.  We will clearly explain the services to be provided and how they will be carried out.

The objectives of the meeting are:

1. To explain what the financial services industry entails
2. To determine whether or not a client-planner relationship is suitable for you

Once you become a client, we will begin the first step of identifying and prioritizing your objectives. Next, we will gather and analyze your data to determine your present status. Combining the first two steps, we will propose a financial plan that is suitable to your objectives. If you think the plan is agreeable, we will take action accordingly.

Once a plan is in place, our service does not end there. We will periodically meet with you to review your progress and reassess your objectives. Over time, we will adjust to new events and changing circumstances and reprioritize your objectives, if necessary. Then we will start the process again.